Attend a Demo

Shawfield Stadium is currently closed due to Covid-19 restrictions. Our regular Saturday night demos are there suspended

Most Saturday nights between 7pm and 8pm you'll find some of us standing outside Shawfield Stadium in Glasgow.


We have placards, banners and leaflets which we use to educate the public. Our demo is peaceful, we closely follow the Caged guidelines. 

We're a friendly bunch and welcome anyone who wants to join in, provided you share our ethos. Dogs are allowed to come along but we've introduced maximum and minimum temperatures to ensure their comfort.


If your dog will be comfortable standing or lying with us for an hour, the weather is dry and it's above 15 and below 20 degrees centigrade then they are very welcome to join us. Please make sure you bring a bed to lie on, suitable coats/fleeces, water and treats. Dogs should be on lead at all times and muzzled where appropriate.

Occasionally we have to cancel demos, or change the time, so please keep an eye on our facebook and twitter pages for updates.