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The SAGE Petition

PE 1758: End greyhound racing in Scotland


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In March 2023 the Scottish Parliament changed how public petitions work. All petitions are now open for signatures for the duration of the time they are live.

The SAGE Petition PE 1758:End Greyhound Racing in Scotland was lodged in 2019 after having just SIX WEEKS to collect signatures. Despite this short timeframe, PE 1758: End greyhound racing in Scotland became the 5th most signed petition in Scottish Parliament history.


But our petition has remained LIVE since then. Think how many signatures we could have collected in those 4 years!

Petition PE 1758:End greyhound racing in Scotland is now OPEN again!


If you think greyhound racing should be banned in Scotland please sign the PETITION.


If you have already signed it you can't do it again BUT PLEASE SHARE FAR AND WIDE

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