The Demos

Shawfield Greyhounds - The one remaining race track in Scotland governed by the Greyhound Board of Great Britain. This is evidence that the tide has turned. People have seen the racing industry for what it is; greyhound exploitation being marketed as entertainment. There used to be many tracks in Scotland. Now there is one.

Every Saturday night at Shawfield we educate members of the public, those who are attending for nights out, stag parties etc. We offer to show them the hidden side of greyhound racing.

In the time we have been protesting outside Shawfield we have noticed a big decline in foot traffic. We will be there until there is none.

We don't just demo at Shawfield though. Keep an eye on our facebook page for details of other demos and events.

The Media

We triggered a media storm after BBC Scotland featured the Shawfield demo on their flagship news programme The Nine. This was closely followed by the Kay Adams show on BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio Ulster and Cam Glen Radio. We've also appeared in the Daily Record, the Rutherglen Reformer and we do our best to spread the word and gain support through the power of social media; Facebook,  Twitter  and Instagram. Our Facebook page reached over 1500 likes in about 10 weeks which shows our awareness raising posts are getting out there!

The Cube

We haven't done many Silent Cube Demos yet but we plan to do a lot more! Inspired by the Cube of Truth, to be a voice for the voiceless. Simple, but wholly effective in raising awareness and garnering support.

Keep an eye on our facebook page for dates of our Silent Cube and other special Demos.

The Politicians

During an interview on the Kay Adams show, one of our SAGE Trustees called upon politicians to support our fight. Only one MSP responded.  He submitted questions to the Scottish Government about greyhound welfare. The answers he got were appalling. 

Now we are lobbying all the politicians we think might help, as well as those who won't. We urge you to do likewise and you'll find information about how to do this on the get involved page.

Although Shawfield is the only licensed track left in Scotland, we want legislative changes that will also impact on independent tracks. There is currently one such track in Scotland, which is at Thornton in Fife.

The Charity

On 8th November 2019 SAGE was given charitable status.


We want to be responsible and accountable, to have both credibility and integrity. Being a charity means that our management committee is elected every year by the organisation's members. Our membership scheme will start soon.

We will give our all to end greyhound exploitation in Scotland.