There are lots of ways you can help be a voice for greyhounds. Every little bit helps.
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We were very fortunate to be provided with banners, placards and leaflets when we first started and we are eternally grateful to Caged for that. 

As SAGE has grown and developed though we have been producing out own materials specific to Scotland.

We will keep our costs as low as possible, however to enable us to continue what we do a little money is necessary.

If anyone would like to donate a pound or two please use the PayPal link. If you don't have PayPal just drop us an email and we'll sort something out.

As a registered charity our annual accounts are submitted to OSCR

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Would you like to see your hound star in one of our campaigns? If so send us your photos!

We can't guarantee that we'll use all the photos we receive but we'll certainly try. 

Photos that are clear and of a good resolution are best. We'll even have the odd photo competition so stay tuned!

You can email your photos to