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The last remaining greyhound track in Scotland is currently licensed by Fife Council. We are calling on all Fife residents who want to see an end to this cruel 'sport' to write to their councillors and raise their awareness. Tell them about the injuries and deaths sustained at greyhound racetracks. The emotional impact of being raised and living in kennels. The strain on limbs that causes lifelong pain and suffering...

Please feel free to copy the letter below and edit as required.


I write as a constituent to urge you to take action against Thornton Greyhound Racing Stadium. There is firm evidence of how harmful this 'sport' is and all the major UK animal welfare organisations now support a ban. Only one track remains in Scotland, at Thornton in Fife, which is a 'flapper' track with no regulation whatsoever. Thornton is not required to produce any injury or death statistics nor is it required to have a vet present to check the dogs fitness to race or treat injuries as they occur. The owners have admitted greyhounds are harmed and even killed as a result of racing at their track yet they continue regardless.

There is no place for a cruel and outdated 'sport' such as greyhound racing in a modern Scotland. Fife council should be ashamed of allowing Thornton to continue racing knowing the harm it causes to dogs. 

Yours sincerely

If you don't live in Fife but are in Scotland you can also write to your MSP asking for their support in government.

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