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Happy New Year!

The SAGE Team had its first meeting of 2020 last night. We are excited about the coming year and the opportunities it will bring to end greyhound exploitation. Our main focus for the first part of the year will be on getting MSPs on board to support our petition as it goes through the different stages of parliament. We will also be having our usual weekly demos and we are hosting the Scottish Derby Final protest which we hope lots of our friends from England and Ireland will be able to attend. We've got some big plans for the Derby which will be revealed nearer the time!
We also plan to travel to Nottingham again for the English Derby Final and we hope to be at the Irish Derby Final later in the year.
We will be having other events and fundraisers through the year so keep an eye on our facebook page for information.
Let's hope 2020 is the year we see an end to greyhound exploitation!


Five of the SAGE Team joined our comrades across the water in making a stand at the Irish Derby. 
This was a huge event in Ireland and quite different to our usual demos at Shawfield.
Greyhound exploitation is huge in Ireland. 83% of the greyhounds raced in the UK originate from Ireland. The Irish Government funds the industry despite being fully aware of what goes on behind the scenes. Thousands of greyhounds are killed each year before getting anywhere near the racetrack then more are killed at some point during their "career". A small fraction of the greyhounds bred for the industry make it to so called "retirement". 
It is imperative that we ALL join forces to make the authorities stand up and take notice, in the UK and every other country that permits this exploitation to continue. 
Greyhound racing has had its day. 

Sunday Times

Sunday 6th October 2019

Father Ted star backs calls for end to greyhound racing in Scotland.

Campaigners, including Pauline McLynn, say dogs may be killed, dosed with prohibited substances or end up exported as meat.

Read the full article here


When we first founded SAGE we pledged to do everything we could to end greyhound racing. We wanted to establish an organisation that was ethical and professional. We applied for charitable status as we felt it would give us credibility and strength.
On 8th November 2019, after a lengthy process, we were granted this status. We are now held to account by OSCR, the Scottish Charity Regulator.
We believe this will help the cause. We believe their voices will be heard louder now.


SAGE is honoured to have been invited to speak at the Greyhound Around the Globe Conference on 30th November 2019.

The event, which is being hosted by Grey2K USA and Irish Council Against Blood Sports, has been described as "the most exciting and comprehensive event for greyhound advocacy ever".

The conference will feature humane leaders from around the world who are working together to end the cruelty of dog racing. Throughout the day, greyhound advocates from multiple countries will join Irish speakers to discuss the issues confronting greyhounds and offer strategies for ending dog racing. 


Albano Martins of ANIMA Macau, Stefania Traini of Pet Levrieri and Marion Fitzgibbon of Limerick Animal Welfare will be given special awards in recognition of their leadership in campaigning and greyhound adoption.

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